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400 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22313-0402

American Legion Alexandria Post 24



Special Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The American Legion Post 24 of Alexandria is participating with Little Theatre of Alexandria in their Partners in Art Night program. The American Legion is sponsoring the play Fantasticks on the evening of January 22 to include with a pre-show reception in the Green Room starting at 6:30pm. Additionally, there will be refreshments available during intermission.

Tickets for this January 22nd play are sold by the American Legion Post 24 for this one night special event. All proceeds go to support American Legion programs and activities.

About the play: The Fantasticks - Try to remember a time when your greatest adventure was the first romance of your life. This funny and sentimental musical is the deceptively simple tale of a boy, a girl, and their meddlesome fathers who nudge them toward marriage by pretending to keep them apart. This long-running musical, with a nod toward Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” has been enchanting audiences with its universal themes and memorable songs, including the beautiful “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” and “Try to Remember.” 

Tickets: $50.00 each at Eventbrite


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